7 top Australian blog lists

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Blog posts of lists are really popular. Lists of top blogs are even more popular. So I’m jumping on the bandwagon and compiling the definitive list of the definitive lists. You can call it Digital Tip’s 7 top Australian Blog lists

  1. Top 50 Australian Blogs on Writing
  2. Top 50 or 100 Australian Marketing Blogs
  3. The AdAge Power 150 (technically an international list but contains Australian blogs)
  4. Mumbrella’s extraction of Australian Blogs that make the AdAge Power 150
  5. Blogpond’s Top 100 Australian Blogs
  6. Smart Company’s 15 of Australia’s best business blogs
  7. Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers

[updated 4th May, with Mumbrella’s extraction of the Australian Blogs of AdAge]

So how do you get onto one of the lists? No idea, but try this:

  • Search engine optimisation has a lot to do with the rankings. That means those on Blogger & WordPress platforms will always have an advantage if you’re setting up a new blog and have no “link love” from incoming links. Those who have links from others have a big advantage, so if you have friends that blog, you can ask them nicely, or beg for them to put a link to your site. Being around for years helps your Google ranking as does a URL that relates to your key words. Just to prove how quickly SEO can work, this week Razorfish started a search competition to see who could get the highest Google ranking for “Razorfunfish”. One site from Australia is currently number 3, because they’ve done lots of the SEO correctly in terms of integrating a Twitter search stream, having search optimised keywords in every paragraph of text and then having external links coming from Flicker etc. They only got beaten by the sites with “Razorfunfish” in the root URL.
  • Be niche. It helps to be the only one blogging about a subject, and given that there are literally millions of blogs the more you can be the subject expert the better. Or alternatively, blog about how to blog, like Problogger, who is rated really highly because it’s a “how to manual”. Ditto Sydney Writers Centre’s blog another one from the lists.
  • Make up your own top list. When I hired a PR firm (in another life) they pointed out that you could get great PR for a company by creating or sponsoring an award. So if you’re a design company, sponsor a design award, if your an ad agency, sponsor an advertising award show, you get the idea. The web 2.0 equivalent is to create a useful list that people can refer to without having to trawl Google. Julian Cole almost more well known for his Ad Pioneers list than he is for his digital strategy, and it no doubt drives buckets of traffic to his site. And for the added bonus of being included on the list you are hosting, see Top 50 Australian Blogs on Writing
  • When you get to be a top blogger, you then charge money to put advertising on your site, like Neerav “..after I was listed in the Top 100 Australian Blogs Index several people asked me how much I earnt from my blogs”
  • My last thought on this is that just because you have a lot of links, and you’re on a “Top” list, does not necessarily mean that your blog is well designed and easy to read, or that the content is great or engaging. Sure you might hit all the key words for your topic, but are you writing stuff that inspires people or just getting Google bot interest? If you’re going to spend the time and energy doing it, blog for love not lists. Or do as Time Magazine suggests and ask yourself: does the world need another blog?
  • Apart from hosting the #1 list on this list, my blog also appears on 4 of the other lists for a massive 5 out of 7! Cool! Something tells me that's probably as much as I can expect without undertaking an operation my wife may object to.

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  • jfer3

    blogging – everyone seams to be getting on the band wagon with this. what is the future of blogging. how will virtual blogging (videos ) replace text blogging ? and how will this level of blogging effect business with google promotions via blogging. food for the mind

  • Video blogging has been around for a while – the difference is the “searchability” of the content. Sure its easier to record a video than to type up a text post, but Google/Bing reward text content. Spam blogs are always an issue, mostly for linkbaits. As search engines smarten up their algorithms, video content may become more easily indexed. Its clearly a need for the future. In the meantime, tagging is the key for finding video blogs. Well tagged video content on YouTube can outrank text blogs.