8 reasons to use Twitter in promotions

When I was doing my 10 Twitter Strategies for Australian Brands post, I found a cracker of brand and promotion campaign on Twitter called iSpyLevis.

The premise is very simple: the person running the Twitter account goes out to an inner city location every day, posting pictures of where they are. When a Twitter follower recognises her/him, they get free jeans. About 8 pairs of jeans are given away every day, in different styles on different days, men’s and women’s. I notice that its been building followers steadily, and now the Sydney tweeters are noticing and interacting

Why does it work?

  1. Its using Twitter at a very localised, grass roots level, but can easily be scaled to different suburbs, cities, countries
  2. Everyone loves a treasure hunt – makes you watch the Twitter account more closely because you know there’s going to be some stuff happening
  3. Everyone loves getting free shit (a.k.a. free samples)
  4. Builds instant brand advocacy because its a great conversation starter “Look at the free Levis jeans I won off Twitter”
  5. Feels genuine because it has photos of real winners, with the jeans
  6. Even those who don’t win get to join the conversation
  7. Suddenly, Levis look like a cool brand (nothing like talking to the cool kids)
  8. Yes it could be done without Twitter, but doing it on Twitter makes it more fun

Have you seen it? Have you won some jeans? Share your thoughts.

iSpyLevis clever promotion on Twitter

iSpyLevis clever promotion on Twitter

  • thanks for this Tip, you've seeded some ideas for me.
    I've been wondering how to best use the power and speed of twitter to run some promos with haul.

    Levis are still out there staking their claim in the youth space after meandering for a few years.


  • I was chatting to Kat from One Green Bean the other day about this, it's a great campaign – both client and agency should be proud. I wonder how many people are actually winning jeans though!

  • I think it's a great idea, great promotion and fantastic use of Twitter. I found the Levi's person but they didn't have my size of jeans. No worries! I received a voucher for a pair. When I got back to the office, I emailed them, gave them the voucher number and my size, and they are mailing the jeans to me! Brilliant.

  • Kirsty


    That's me in the photo above winning Levi's. Just saw your comment on mumbrella had no idea I was on here!

    I ran from Elizabeth Bay in high heeled boots for those jeans. Approaching strangers in Kings Cross to ask 'are they wearing Levi's' was quite scary.

    I think this is a great campaign and has really caught on since it started. I've noticed other brands taking a similar approach since @ispylevis.
    @Projectrunwayoz did a similar competition recently before Project runway season 2 started They posted cryptic clues on twitter and their followers in Sydney and Melbourne would have to find a girl with a large pink/blue box. The prizes were designer clothing, usually one off pieces.

    I tried really hard but unfortunately I didn't win that time.

  • Hey Kirsty, great to hear from you and your experiences of the campaign. And just how the physicality of tracking someone down for the competition is part of the whole process. I have to ask whether you tell people about how you got your jeans, and whether its altered your perception of Levis?

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  • Very nice promotional concept from Levi's it's quite unique in my opinion and makes people wanna go out and find some people wearing them. One bad thing will be if the pants won't fit you it's quite possible also because the wearer will just take it off then give it to you. All in all I like their strategy.


  • great information I think twitter is really helpful in promoting our product