Apple customer service nerdvana

Been thinking a lot about customer service since the last post, and the newest “I’m a Mac” ads sum it up really well. Anyone who ever goes to an Apple store Genius bar is an instant convert to the genuine customer service they experience. Formula includes getting passionate people to work for you, then putting them in a store environment where customers and potential customers alike can ask them absolutely anything Mac related, iPhone related & iPod related. And it’s free. Apple have the “giving it away for free to build customer brand advocacy” down pat. They have millions of brand evangelists telling everyone how fantastic Apple is. Go and check out the Genius bar for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it.

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  • This is one of my favourite get a mac ads because the experience that PC goes through is one that many, if not all PC owners have faced in their time.
    You post is absolutely right, the stores have 2 aims, create owners and create promoters, they use evangelists, to create evangelists… through amazing products and topped of by amazing customer service..

  • I was having a little problem with my iphone recently. then i went to Customer service. They are so friendly and helpful. And solved my problem within a minute. They also provided me expert knowledge about how I can use my iphone in a better way. i'm impressed.

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