Flight of the Conchords rock social media

Flight of the Conchords is a great HBO television show about 2 NZ singing dudes who “make it” in New York City. Flight of the Conchords has a Facebook fan page they actually use. I say that in all seriousness, as so many Facebook pages get set up and then forgotten. Or ignored. On Facebook, Flight of the Conchords make an effort and communicate to their fans (me included). The latest is a poster competition, the Really Arty Poster Search. This is what they say:

Bret and Jemaine were pleasantly pleased to find out just how arty you guys really are. Visit the Flight wiki to see their top 10 potential finalists (subject to elgibility), chosen from over 1,000 entries.

On the wiki you can see the huge effort fans have put into the work. Earlier this year, its likely the very same fans were memorising lines, and uploading music videos. I have done a post previously on how well Flight of the Conchords do brand engagement – nice to see it continuing with such great results.


  1. If you set up Facebook page,  MySpace, Wiki, Twitter account, forum or whatever your social media touchpoint, keep updating. Unlike “brochureware” websites, you need to tell people what’s going on in your world so they can participate further if they choose to.
  2. Use your social media channels to direct people back to other relevant sites. Especially if your blog is at a different address to your main website or your competition page is somewhere else again.
  3. Give your fans/customers simple tools to engage with you – and chances are they will.
One of the finalists in the Flight of the Conchords really arty poster search

One of the finalists in the Flight of the Conchords really arty poster search