branded iphone applications

I’m not averse to a little branding on my user experience especially if you can give me an interactive reason to engage with your brand. So which branded apps are still on my iPhone? iphone apphelps me get my fashion fix on the go. With great content images, videos from  all the major fashion shows in the fashion capitals of the world (NY, London and Paris), combined with a fashion blog, with  editorial posts fed directly from the online home of US Vogue, this little app is a heavy hitter punching way above it’s weight. So why is it so compelling?

  1. It has an iphone specific interface, so text is the right size (no zooming required) images go full screen at the tap of a finger, and with the same finger tapping interface you can navigate through the images really easily. Intuitive! Easy!
  2. Great content – the same reason users go to, lots of drool worthy high fashion content, beautifully shot and presented, superb editorial commentary to help you discover the right trends to invest in
  3. Regular updates – the Style File Blog is continuously updated with all the fashion goss from around the world so there is always something new to look at.

Other users rate this app very highly, even to the extent of getting people into fashion when they weren’t before. So the power of the decent application is to engage users with the content, and create new users. This app does both in spades. main menu main menu

  • Hey! Blog’s looking good. Nice work. Two blogs launched for the household in one weekend! Got one brewing myself to beta-launch by Xmas.Mark