Social Media and Digital Global Trends in 2017

This report from We Are Social out of Singapore, combines statistics from Hootsuite, Google, Akamai and others to provide a global snapshot of how digital the world’s populations are. Key to this report are country based social media statistics.
Where does Australia’s social media usage sit? No surprise – Australia has the highest ratio of daily Facebook users relative to its total Facebook user population.

Daily Active Facebook Users in 2017

Australians have the most active daily Facebook users – relative to the total population of Australian Facebook users

That means a whopping 75% of Australian Facebook users are logging in every single day in 2016 and 2017. It’s an ongoing love affair with Facebook, with the network dominating social media usage in Australia – Australia had the highest time spent on Facebook in 2010. (Nielsen did this research at the time and I will find this chart soon).
The other slide to note is Slide 46 and the rise of the chat apps globally. This is reflected in the increase in traffic via Dark Social – as all interactions on these apps are private.

Rise of chat apps in 2017

Active users of social platforms. Note the ongoing rise of chat apps in 2017