Superbowl spots and Audi’s brand authenticity

It was the Superbowl today and I really loved Conan O’Brien sending himself up as a celebrity in the Bud Light spot

Its also heartening to see Hollywood Jason Stratham aka The Transporter acting in a send up of his Transporter character in the Audi spot.

In another twist, it turns out that Audi are giving themselves film credits on the Australian TVC this time for funding the latest movie – Transporter 3

I like transparency when it comes to product placement. It makes me feel so much better about Audi as brand coming clean and saying, ‘yes we gave the film company money, and we are so proud of it we are going to put our logo on the TVC we use to promote it. And we are going to use the actor in a brilliant tie-in ad that is tongue in cheek enough to make you smile’.  It makes me feel that Audi is being quite brave and authentic in putting their mouth where their money is, so to speak.

I am a big fan of the Transporter so I will be seeing it – and applauding Audi’s marketing budget spend.

  • arrianna

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