the cornerstones of social strategy

I’ve been working on a number of social media campaigns lately, some really long term and some short term. What do they have in common?

  • Defining social objectives
  • Social media monitoring
  • Channel strategy
  • Content strategy

The combination varies from client to client but its really important to have these cornerstones to help build a  social media conversation.

What I’d like to add to this list is a retention strategy. Particularly for the short term campaigns. What happens to the Fans of the neglected Facebook Pages? They find out their brand is just not that into them. I wonder about the effort that goes into building up a community if you’re just going to leave it behind.

This is intended an introduction to social strategy, I’m going to cover off each of the cornerstones in the following posts so stay tuned. In the meantime, is there any time you’ve been let down by a social media campaign that left you in the lurch when it ended abruptly? Did you feel differently toward the brand as a consequence?