The wonderful world of web 2.0

One of the first questions people ask me about digital trends is “What is web 2.0?” The easiest way to describe it is to use the 30 second elevator speech.

Web 1 was about pushing information to people – a bit like getting on a soapbox and ranting at people. The soapbox guy was too busy talking to notice/see how many people were listening or indeed whether anyone was there.

Web 2.0 is all about collaboration, its a two way dialogue, like having a conversation. If you are the website owner, you are the initiator of the conversation, so you start talking, but this time, you are keen to listen to what your audience is saying back to you.

They can do this via features such as forums on your website, responding to your blog, generating content for you (if you ask them to) or emailing you via a good old fashioned email address. See a stack of fantastic web 2.0 site features at my favourite online magazine site

If you give users a range of ways to feed back to you, they will be more inclined to offer their opinion, and depending on the type of website, they will be more engaged, and spend more time with you. The more time they spend with you and enjoy the process, the more they will buy into the whole experience, and as a consequence you will build some fans.

Web 2.0 is a fantastic opportunity for user engagement – which translates to building brand advocacy via virtual communities. More on that later… stay tuned

  • Up To My Ears In Mini Horses

    Thanks for the 30 second elevator speak on web 2.
    I will be tuning in for other 30 sec. talks.
    My VP often asks for an explanation of technology, perhaps you will hit a few I could use.
    Can you do one on Oracle fusion some day, or middleware?

  • Tiphereth Gloria’s Digital Blog

    hey mini horses, funny you should ask that question, i was going to start on mashups fairly soon (one of my pet topics) and how middleware makes it all possible

  • marthrock

    Hey tip, just wanted to say hi, i saw an answer you might have responded to in Linkedin, and thought it worthy enough to give you some props-