Here are some articles I’ve been quoted in

Sky News

2011 – Sky News Technology Live Panel discussion Aug 4 2011 “Social media strategy for business”

BRW Magazine

2012 – April 4 Issue Keyboard Warriors

2012 – June 04 Issue cover story Social Science – Learn from 8 of the best

B&T Magazine

2011 – October 28 Issue  Yes-No-Maybe – Social simulator

2012 – May 11 Issue – Yes-No-Maybe – The Kony Debate

Shop Till You Drop Magazine

2011 – October Issue – Social Shopping “Welcome to your new online shopping obsession”


Sydney Morning Herald

Contents removed from racist Facebook Page

Contents removed from racist Facebook page

“Pimp slap” Vodafone staffer goes postal

Vodafone staffer goes postal

Facebook is left wondering – what’s not to like?

Julian Lee  - Facebook article "what's not to like?"

Shell social media oil spill

Shell Arctic Ready

Blackberry stunt at Apple Store “too little, too late”

blackberry stunt at Apple Store


Why did Rupert Murdoch join Twitter?


Savvy stars turn tweets into gold


Fishy lost camera mystery a suspicious catch for Panasonic


Ashton Kutcher leaves Twitter

Ashton Kutcher leaves Twitter


 iiNet’s Easter Egg may breach subliminal ad rules

iinet subliminal ads

 Facebook revamped to combat Google + threat

London riot: social media blocks totalitarian

Check in before checkout to save

Online battle crucial to the election 


Digital Ministry

Digital People 100th – 11 of the most experienced & perhaps highest profiled Digital People

Digital People - 100th


ABC Radio and Online News 

Smart Company: How to advertise on Facebook



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