Why brands should #flywithtwitter

Twitter Australia has been open for 6 months in Sydney, and a 100 or so of Sydney’s agency and client types were treated to 4 insightful presentations on the platform in a Twitter hosted event on Tuesday 4th March. Live tweets captured the top insights and there were links given to some case studies whilst others were just talked about.
Frederique Covington,  International Marketing Director @Twitter based in Singapore started proceedings with a well structured presentation focusing on what the needs of the CMO are (as former CMO of Microsoft, she spoke from personal experience). Her case studies covered customer service from O2 and Jet Blue, and there was an interlude from Jeff Flannagan from Microsoft Australia, showing their challenges and wins in the social space. Freddie wrapped up with some Australian data about Twitter users here and the most engaged with moments.

Next up was Steven Kalifowitz, who’s focus was storytelling in the moment, summed up in his hashtag, #MagicInTheMoment. His way of presenting was melodic and almost hypnotic, but we managed to capture some of the insights he shared. He cited Starbucks Pay it Backward and Domino’s Australia’s great proactive tweeting (and cutting Pizza Hut Australia’s grass) in a couple of real time case studies, and finished with a brilliant quote from Oreo’s.

Finally we met “Danny Vines” a.k.a Danny Keens who waxed lyrical about Vine in a fun how to use and best of  Vine. Then drinks and canapes on the roof finished the day.